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Born in Zhongshan, China, I bring a rich background in graphic design to my current artistic practice. With five years of experience as a graphic designer, I have honed my skills in visual communication and developed a keen eye for detail. 


While my artistic focus now lies in the captivating world of Nihonga, I draw inspiration from my previous work with diverse art materials, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, clay, digital art, and even woodwork. This multidisciplinary experience has nurtured my versatility as an artist, allowing me to experiment with various mediums and push the boundaries of my creative expression.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, I constantly seek to explore new art media and delve into the depths of life's multifaceted themes. My artistic practice reflects my own life, capturing the nuances of my experiences and innermost thoughts. Through my art, I strive to convey emotions, provoke contemplation, and evoke a sense of connection between the viewer and the artwork.

Central to my artistic philosophy is the belief that art should be a deeply personal and authentic expression, free from the constraints of external expectations. I paint for myself, guided by an inner vision rather than the desire to please others. This genuine approach allows me to delve into the depths of my creativity, creating artwork that is true to my artistic voice and vision.

Beyond my artistic endeavors, my life is enriched by the presence of my adorable little girl and two mischievous kitties. They bring joy and playfulness to my creative space, inspiring me to approach my work with a sense of wonder and spontaneity. Additionally, I find solace and inspiration in the natural world, often taking walks outdoors to immerse myself in its beauty and find new avenues for artistic exploration.

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